Ben Freeman


Vallejo, CA


I have been drawing things since I was a kid, and got into photography way before there were digital cameras, but didn't get serious about my art until around 1978. I studied on my own for a bit, then got a bachelor's degree in art from Sacramento State University in Sacramento CA in 1982. I have worked in many different mediums along the way mainly because one would not satisfy all of my artistic ideas. I have worked in glass engraving, jade carving, sculpture, photography, textiles, cloisonne, ceramics, and watercolors. I also have worked as an artist in the sign industry for about 15 years, and you can occasionally see that aspect in a few of my images which have a more commercial feel. I am now working with digital photography and digital artworks derived from the photography. I tend to look for the images in life that might get missed by most folks as they zoom by in the rush of life, and for the patterns and "inner artworks" that I find when looking closely at some subjects.

In my digital artworks I have a style that I call digital watercolors, which resembles the style of watercolor work I used to do when I actually painted them by hand. I was always a bit more illustratorish than the traditional watercolor style. What I like about this style is that viewed up close it becomes more obviously watercolorish, but when viewed from a few steps back it starts to take on more photographic qualities. Most of these tends towards a sort of impressionistic style, with some being more abstract in nature. The advent of photo manipulation programs such as Adobe Illustrator and GIMP have made it possible for me to get the images in my head to come out the same in the finished product. The color saturation is much more of what I want than anything I used to be able to create with actual paints and such.

My digital photography, and the film photography that I used to do are usually of an abstract nature as I tend to zoom in on subjects to find the interesting patterns and "inner artworks" as mentioned in the digital artworks section above. I also look for interesting contrasts and textures. I like interesting architecture and have many abstract architectural images in my galleries.

I can't restrain myself to one single style of artwork. There is too much out there of interest that sparks my imagination so I don't want to limit myself and miss what could be a great image.


Bricks to Boards Circles to Squares by Ben Freeman


Up and Over by Ben Freeman


Red Louvres by Ben Freeman


Life and Death by Ben Freeman


Ivy On Stone by Ben Freeman


Vintage Tilework by Ben Freeman


Towering Totems by Ben Freeman


Dawn Delight by Ben Freeman


Cheyenne Chief Revisited by Ben Freeman


Papa Mama and Baby Door by Ben Freeman


Mare Island Textures by Ben Freeman


Window 88 by Ben Freeman


Industrial Abstract by Ben Freeman


Mare Island Manhole Mandala by Ben Freeman


Found Abstract by Ben Freeman


Astral Cat by Ben Freeman


Blue Ovoids by Ben Freeman


Crossroads by Ben Freeman


Rough Water by Ben Freeman


Window with Stories To Tell by Ben Freeman


Network by Ben Freeman


Nautical Textures by Ben Freeman


Tile with Rose Petals by Ben Freeman


Totally Tubular by Ben Freeman


Driveway Abstract 2 by Ben Freeman


Poppies and French Lavender by Ben Freeman


Tiled Tableau by Ben Freeman


Ancient Mariner by Ben Freeman


Floral Impact by Ben Freeman


Floral Impact by Ben Freeman


Musical Memories by Ben Freeman


High Contrast Plantlife by Ben Freeman


Natural Textures by Ben Freeman


Unusual Garden Group by Ben Freeman


Berries on the Rock by Ben Freeman


Natural Mesmerization by Ben Freeman


Crowd of Cranes by Ben Freeman


Spectacular Natural Contrast by Ben Freeman


Northern California Coast in the Summer by Ben Freeman


Early Morning On Main Street by Ben Freeman


Fenciful Flowers by Ben Freeman


Circle Encircled by Ben Freeman


Tropical Splendor by Ben Freeman


Roses Basking in the Early Morning Light by Ben Freeman


Ivy in the Early Morning Light by Ben Freeman


She Wandered Through The Garden Of My Mind by Ben Freeman


Concrete Abstraction by Ben Freeman


The Heart, like an old gate needs Care and Attention by Ben Freeman